People tell me very often,
“I wish I had met you before I moved to France”.

When I meet new expats or travelers in France they always have these things in common:

  • struggling to find a job,
  • figuring out how to start a business,
  • getting their papers in order,
  • learning the language,
  • to navigating the French health care systems and more.

After living and working 21 years in France, I’m able to provide clear, simple directions and resources, also I help expats and travelers cultivate their connection to the French culture.


I get a lot of questions from people who want to know more than just the basics. Also, I’ve gotten people who have hunted me down on the internet for more information on making their dreams come true. I always hear from expats, “I wish I had met you before I moved to France”.

So, you just grew some balls and ready to level up your game?

You are done with struggling to make your dreams and ideas a reality.
In your head you’re screaming:


Guidance, direct and honest feedback is what you’re looking for.

The goal here is for me to help bridge the gap between your fantasy and your reality. Plus, I’ll show you how to implement what you have learned or are learning.

Get access to my brain and someone who really listens to you.

I was once in your position and I understand your struggles.
I offer one-on-one consulting via Skype, where I can answer your burning questions and give you REAL advice and recommendations.

As a whole, I have been living and working abroad for over 21 years, a small business owner, a newly wed (2017), mother, fluent speaker in French (and learning Spanish and German), and is fully immersed in expat and French communities.


  • Teaching abroad
  • Apartment finding in France
  • Schooling in France
  • Intercultural readiness
  • French language and culture
  • Transition support (preparing for life abroad)
  • Marriage in France
  • Health care system
  • Having kids in France
  • Bringing your pets over to France
  • Having pets in France
  • Traveling around Europe (cheapest and safest way to go)


  • Employment contracts
  • Cover letters & resume improvement for applying to French companies
  • Interview preparation
  • Assistance with VISA or green cards (titre de séjour) applications to France.
  • Starting a business in France (plus the paper trail…)
  • Cultural consulting:
    – Branding and business visioning – product name validation
    – Assessment of your advertising concept
    – Freelancing to starting a business in France
  • French Taxes
  • Networking (building professional contacts)
  • Event creation, planning and events marketing in France
  • Copywriting in French
  • Web Guidance

Rent my brain session (1-on-1),

I offer two sessions (for the moment), 30 mins or 60 mins 1-on-1 sessions.

In my calendar below pick the date, time zone and hours you would like to meet.
Once you make your payment, I will reach out to you to set up our session, confirm the time zone to fit both of our schedules and send you a short questionnaire. I’m a firm believer in making sure we are a good fit so please fill out the questionnaire to see if we are and let’s take it from there.

We’ll meet on Skype via video.

  • For 30 mins sessions, you will pick up to 2 items you want to focus on.
  • For 60 mins sessions, you will pick up to 2 to 3 items you want to focus on.

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You will walk away with exactly what you need to do.

  • Written report and research prior to call and after the call are not included, but you can add on for an extra fee.
  • You are welcome to purchase more than one Rent My Brain session.
  • We can combine your hours into one session, or split them up.
  • All sales are final.

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